Meet the Titans - FRC #3767

The Traverse City West Titans FIRST Robotics team (FRC #3767) is the competitive robotics program at Traverse City West High School. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) where each year, teams are provided with a new challenge and are given just weeks in which to strategize, design, prototype, build, wire and program an industrial-size robot, and then compete with it locally, statewide and, if we do everything right, internationally.

But FIRST is more than just robotics. We are challenged to run our team like we would a small business, which means creating a budget and then raising the funds needed to support our expenses. Our business plan includes a SWOT analysis, strategies on team sustainability, outreach, investor relations, and marketing, branding and communications tactics.


Guided by adult mentors, FIRST Robotics teams are student-led, giving team members real life skills that go well beyond the competition field, setting each up for success, whether it be college or career.

Members can be a part of many aspects, such as business, building, coding and CAD. And the best part is, no experience is needed to get started.


What students have to say about the team

"My favorite part of robotics is practicing my skills in electrical/pneumatic applications, manufacturing, leading, and putting out a finished product at the end of the day. It’s super rewarding!"


"Honestly, my favorite thing is just writing code. . . I'm a programmer so writing code is the most fun thing I can do on the team."


"My favorite part of robotics is driving the robot, I feel like it really fits me."


"My favorite part of robotics is working with the big machines and power tools and just getting to do something with my hands."